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Would You Edit Shakespeare?

If you decided that Hamlet’s buddy Horatio was a bit of a stick in the mud, would you cut him from Hamlet’s eponymous play?

Yeah, neither would I.

Well, it appears someone decided to edit one of Vermeer’s paintings — removing an image of Cupid from one of the master’s pieces.

The rediscovery will probably increase the value of this already priceless work — like any discovery that gets a piece of art into the news — and there are only 35 verified Vermeers in the world.

The Ultimate Form of Storytelling

We may live in a moment that encourages us to get rid of as many possessions as possible. Just look at the worldwide phenomenon that is Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo

In Marie Kondo’s organizational method, you areencouraged to discard items that no longer spark joy.

But there is something to be said for things. And rarely will you see that in a more obvious manner than at an estate sale. Going through one is akin to taking a tour of an entire life.

Of course, estate sales are also great places to pick up valuable collectibles for cheap. Often, the sellers have no idea what different belongings — like stamps and coins — are worth.

Money vs. Value

Here at Unconventional Wealth, we want to make sure you get as much money as possible.

Not simply to have money. Rather, because money is a great means to happy, joyful, fulfilling ends.

But lots of people get confused somewhere along the way — and decide that whoever dies with the most money wins.

(My Uncle Bob, on the other hand, wants to die with at least $2 million in debt — figuring he’d have gotten one over on the world.)

The simple truth is money can help you find value, but it’s far from being value in and of itself.

This article does a great job exploring that tension.

Housing Goes Back to the Past

There’s a new trend in housing. Namely, multigenerational households.

That used to be the standard. Back when we were agrarian, a family would work the same plot for generations, with most of the family sleeping in the same room.

When cities first popped up, the majority of people were too poor to afford their own houses.

The rise of the middle class changed that… But as the middle class shrinks, we might be going back to an old way of life.

Will the trend continue? Possibly.

One trend is sure: Affordable housing demand is on a steep, upward trajectory. Whether that means multiple generations moving in together… or an increase in families looking to mobile homes for their own affordable personal space.

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks, like this one in Apache Junction, Arizona, are becoming a more popular option for affordable housing.

We’ll keep an eye on this trend to see which way it goes. But in the meantime, investing in mobile home parks looks like a huge winner.

Unconventionally yours,

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth

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Ryan Cole

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