Every city has that address, the one that stands for wealth, luxury and exclusivity.

The truly global cities have those famous neighborhoods… the Upper East Side in New York City, Kensington in London… Orchard Road in Singapore… Hong Kong has The Peak.

Hong Kong is what real estate agency Knight Frank calls an “ultra-prime” market. Their definition of an ultra-prime market is one where there are at least three transactions over $25 million each year for three years running.

There are only 17 ultra-prime markets worldwide. Some are ski resorts like Aspen… others are second-home destinations of the super-rich like Monaco… and the rest are cities.

Ultra-prime cities have much in common…

London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong all make the list. These are global cities where land is scarce, trade is booming and demand is high.

All are hubs of international finance and commerce. They attract large numbers of wealthy expats who enjoy strong legal protections and — in the cases of Hong Kong and Singapore — low taxes.

Panama ticks all the boxes of an ultra-prime real estate location without the astronomical price tag.

And Ocean Reef is quickly becoming the neighborhood to signal wealth and status in Panama City.


Best viewed from a helicopter, you can clearly see construction on the islands is well underway, along with the beginnings of the state-of-the-art marina due for completion in December 2019.

Owners at Ocean Reef will have access to a private concierge service, a full-service spa, gym, lap pool, volleyball… The tennis courts are already finished.

And the marina is set to be spectacular, 170 berths available only to residents who wish to join. It will be the only marina in Panama City that can take yachts up to 200 feet long — the mega-yachts of the super-rich.

For over a decade, I watched as these islands emerged from the ocean to become the most exclusive development in the region.

Building islands in the ocean is not easy — it’s hugely expensive and complicated. But the developer, Alfredo Aleman, had the vision, the connections and the cash to make it happen.

In fact, Ocean Reef is Alfredo’s personal dream — he designed everything with that in mind. And he personally owns a home here.

Alfredo is a long-term contact of mine — a blue blood in Panama’s real estate circles.

When Alfredo decides he wants to compete in a niche, he never creates a community that tries to be all things to all people. Instead, he creates the best community in that niche. That’s why his projects sell so fast and values rise so strongly.

Ocean Reef is a prime example.


Happy hour at Ocean Reef: Enjoy a cool cocktail by the water as you drink in the unobstructed view of the Panama City skyline.

Imagine living day to day in one of the most exclusive communities on the continent, just 500 feet or so from the heart of one of the world’s fastest-emerging global cities….

Imagine going on exotic marine adventures. Your sleek vessel cutting through the sun-dappled waves toward the Pearl Islands. With nearly 250 of them, the docking possibilities are endless…

Imagine enjoying a day of luxury shopping and fine dining in downtown Panama City. Afterward, you can visit a casino perhaps, or catch a movie (in English) from the VIP seats…

This is a world you usually can’t buy access to… But for the 12 RETA members who took advantage of this deal, this could be their new normal.

That’s one of the biggest benefits of joining our little group. You’ll hear about amazing opportunities like this before even the most well-connected locals.

Which is key… Because at RETA, we make money buying.

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