I just got back from Stockholm, Sweden, where I attended the year’s biggest international stamp show.

I saw lots of interesting things… I learned all sorts of tricks investors can use… and I received more than a few tips for areas where stamps are poised to take off.

But perhaps most importantly, I got the world’s premier experts on investing in stamps to talk to me on camera.

I’ll be presenting to you all that I learned over the coming weeks and months. To kick things off, I figure the best thing to do is show you an interview with Geoff Anandappa — uncut and in full.


I’ve known Geoff for years — before founding his own company, Rare Tangible Assets, he headed up the stamp investment division of Stanley Gibbons.

Today, he brings his wealth of knowledge about the extraordinarily profitable world of stamps and explains how it can work for anyone.

Unconventionally yours,

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole is the editor-in-chief of Unconventional Wealth. He’s been covering the alternative investment space for nearly a decade and writing about finance and investment for almost 20 years.

Ryan has walked the walk for years, living a very unconventional life. He’s led snowmobile tours through the mountains of Colorado, settled in Japan for five...

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