Every week, I like to pass along some of the most interesting and entertaining stories happening in the unconventional investing world.

The sorts of stories that go great with a quiet morning, some form of drink with steam curling upward… and the unhurried time that comes each weekend.

Well, as summer really begins to hit now — at least in my hometown of Baltimore — maybe you should replace your steaming mug with a cooler beverage.

Regardless! Relax, read, enjoy.

Did We Put the Fear of God in Them?

Finally, a bit of good news about online privacy!

Google is making it easier to erase your tracks. In this case, quite literally.

Follow the steps in this article and you can tell Google to forget where you’ve been, automatically, after three or 18 months (your choice).

Before, you’d have to go into some buried settings to delete the information manually. And if you were to turn off tracking (which you can do), you’d break the functionality of things like Google Maps.

This is actually a step in the right direction — one you should take immediately.


Get Started Late? No Worries!

It’s never too late to get rich — or so says this article. It’s all about how you can start your own business at any age, along with seven steps to get you going.

That’s good advice. It doesn’t really matter what age you are… You can strike it rich any year, any day — it’ll feel just as good.

And the seven steps are a nice reminder of what’s important.

Though, personally, I’d rather find a shortcut. A way to skip most of those steps and enter the entrepreneurial world running, not crawling.

I mention that because there’s a cheat sheet right here. It can get you up and running without worrying about those seven steps — or the 300 that would come next.

Savvy Collectors’ First Port of Call

If you follow high-end art dealings, you’ve heard of freeports.

If that’s a new word for you, here’s the gist: Private collectors love buying expensive pieces of art. But — to avoid taxes — many of those collectors keep their most valuable pieces in places called freeports.

Freeports can be located anywhere, but legally, they are ports of entry (hence the name). If collectors store their art in freeports, they technically never take possession in country, and thus can avoid paying taxes when they sell their art later.

It’s a smart, entirely legal way to avoid the tax man. But it’s also created a perverse incentive structure, which is hiding more and more influential art completely out of view.

Not in museums… not on walls in fancy manors… Our cultural heritage literally sitting inside boxes in climate-controlled high-security rooms.

But one space in France has a plan to change all that — and get freeport works open to the viewing public.

Here’s hoping the model catches on.

You Really Can Rent Anything

Loneliness is a growing problem…

With more people having fewer kids, many people are left with fewer and fewer connections as members of a generation die out.

Meanwhile, younger folks are pairing up less and less… with plenty of people becoming shut-ins. The pattern was first noticed in Japan — with what they called hikikomori — but it’s spread around the globe.

Which is how Rentafriend.com came about. It’s a service that lets you rent friends to hang out with.

I’ve occasionally recommended making yourself available as a rentable friend. It’s an easy way to make money, get treated to meals and shows and socialize yourself. Without any of the icky overtones that you’re probably wondering about right now.

But what’s it like to actually rent out that friend?

That’s what journalists are for — to step out of their comfort zone and try new things, so you don’t have to.

Unconventionally yours,

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth

P.S. Ever bought a business? Stored art away from prying eyes? Rented a friend? Can’t believe that’s a thing? Let me hear your thoughts at feedback@unconventionalwealth.com.

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole is the editor-in-chief of Unconventional Wealth. He’s been covering the alternative investment space for nearly a decade and writing about finance and investment for almost 20 years.

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