The internet has been great for business. It gives dealmakers — ambitious folks like you and me — further reach, more time and greater resources to negotiate.

But no technological advancement will ever beat out the true value of meeting face to face.

Which is why I recently flew to London… and then turned around and immediately hopped on a plane to San Diego.

Twice a year, my friend and partner Carl Allen invites his business-buying academy members and partner members to what he calls Business Buyer’s Academy Meetups.

Essentially, these are opportunities for a bunch of entrepreneurs and owner-investors to get together and network with each other, Carl and his team.

Around 45 members attended the London meetup (pictured), and another 20 or so met up with us in San Diego…

The events started, as most events do, with introductions. Then members who had closed deals were each presented with a tombstone — a sleek token of their achievement.

After everyone’s accomplishments were acknowledged, Carl spoke about the business buyer’s mindset and how to overcome your fears.

When it comes to buying a business, the biggest barrier for most people is limiting beliefs.

Whether you believe you can or can’t do something, you are always correct. If you tell yourself you can’t — you won’t.

Buying a business can seem complicated from the outside, and it’s easy for the uninitiated to get overwhelmed. The best way to fight your fears is using the three keys to breakthrough success Carl outlined in his presentation.

Those three keys are…

  1. State — Using any number of strategies from affirmations to exercise, develop a morning routine that will put you in a clear, productive headspace.
  1. Stories — The stories we tell ourselves are pretty powerful. Reframe your narrative to put things in a positive perspective.
  1. Strategy — Perhaps one of the most effective ways of quashing feelings of doubt is to have a plan — several plans, actually. You’ll want to come up with your total plan, but you’ll also need to break that down into monthly, weekly and daily actions.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Carl also covered such topics as financing and deal origination and walked folks through several deal evaluations.

Then at the end of it all came my favorite part: networking.

There is simply no substitute for good old-fashioned meeting and greeting. And when you get a bunch of like-minded entrepreneurs in the same room together, some pretty amazing things can happen.

Here’s an example…

At the March meetup in Manchester, England, academy members Hanif and Peter were introduced to each other. By the end of December — in less than one calendar year — they’re on track to have closed five deals together. Five.

That’s the power of partnership.

Speaking of partnerships… that brings me to a very exciting announcement.

See, ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved everything about businesses. I’ve wanted to own businesses… run businesses… and grow businesses.

As you know, that led me to start Unconventional Wealth Publishing — a place for innovative investors to explore opportunities unknown.

Then I met Carl — and the rest is (soon to be) history.

Because Carl also has an intense passion for sharing his knowledge and helping budding entrepreneurs find their footing. That’s why he built his business-buying course — and why he hosts these meetups around the world.

So I struck a deal with the original dealmaker himself — and bought Carl’s company.

That’s how I earned my first tombstone.

Enroll in Carl’s course to buy a business and you could earn a tombstone of your very own.

I’m super-pumped about this venture. Carl and I have big plans for the next few years…

We’re going to work together to provide you with more opportunities and more value. This means we won’t just teach you how to buy a business but how to grow one, optimizing and finding a way to scale it so you can ultimately sell it for a massive liquidity event.

I’m talking about something that’s going to change your life and the lives of your family… your kids… your grandkids… It will change everything.

But the first step toward any big change is a small one. And the first step to buying a business using Carl’s tried-and-true methods is to take his course.

I did. And look where it got me.

Click here for details — and maybe I’ll see you at the next meetup.

Until then…

Best regards,

Adam Markley

Adam Markley
Publisher, Unconventional Wealth

Adam Markley

Adam Markley is the publisher of Unconventional Wealth and the financial strategy director for Agora Financial. In his career, he’s been involved with or touched nearly 500 businesses across a wide range of industries. Which means he’s seen plenty of what works — and more of what doesn’t.

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