When it comes to warfare, we’re privileged to live in one of the safest countries on Earth.

Protected by two great oceans, with friends (for the moment) to our north and south, ordinary Americans are unlikely to face physical carnage in the event of war.

But financial carnage — that’s another thing. If we have any substantial shock, business, trade and currencies are all racing to the bottom.

Now, I don’t like to be a Debbie Downer. I tend to look for the upside in all things. But the truth is that one way or another, the global economy isn’t looking so hot…

Imagine if every country turned into Venezuela — with over 30% unemployment… hyperinflation topping 900%… limited access to food, water and medicine… crime and violence spreading unchecked…

Yeah — not a pretty picture.

But just because the world economy is in serious trouble doesn’t mean you have to go down with it. There is one asset that for millennia has proved a safe haven when economies fall apart.

I’m talking, of course, about gold.

When Worse Comes to Worst

When societies fall apart — which, let’s not kid ourselves, is the great risk today — gold isn’t just the best store of wealth…

It’s pretty much the only one.

That brings me to one of the most unconventional ways to own gold today: CombiBars. Offered in 20-gram, 50-gram, 5-gram and even 1-gram units, CombiBars are pure gold in the form of a credit card.

As 99.99% pure gold, they will track the price of gold perfectly. And they’re perforated into pieces so you can break off small bits to use as currency. That’s the real power of CombiBars.

Sometimes a little bit of gold is all you need…

Imagine an attack on our financial system — all the ATMs of the nation could go down or run dry. And the credit card payment system would be useless as well, plagued by viruses and glitches.

Your money would essentially be held hostage in your accounts — unless it got wiped out altogether.

It might sound alarmist, but if we clash with Russia or China or Turkey or Iran or… such an attack is definitely part of the plan. It’s the easiest, most asymmetric way to attack America’s greatest strength — our wealth.

In that event, cash is going to dry up. Checks won’t be trusted. And credit cards will be reduced to mere plastic.

The only way to pay for anything in this world will be with gold — or maybe silver.

But ingots of precious metals — even gold coins — will be worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Not exactly practical for a trip to the grocery.

The CombiBar, however, can give you up to 50 1-gram chits to pay for your essentials. Today, 1 gram of gold trades for about $47. In the event of a major shock, gold will greatly increase in value — but a gram will still be somewhere in the range of a trip to the store to get your essentials.

In short, the CombiBar isn’t just an essential store of wealth and a way to thrive in the coming financial carnage. It also acts as a break-in-case-of-emergency currency you can use to survive any breakdown of the financial system, no matter how short-lived it might be.

Like if a natural disaster shuts down services in your area for weeks or months… or some cybercriminal holds your city’s servers for ransom for an entire summer… or a foreign nation launches a coordinated cyberattack to bring down our power grid.

Simply put, there’s no better way to ensure the safety and prosperity of your family in the event of a true world-shaking shock.

And the world is closer to such a shock now more than ever.

War is looming on the horizon. Cyberthreats are already invading our daily lives. And an economic showdown between great nations is more a question of when, not if.

Be safe. Be prepared. Get your gold ready. Because tomorrow is coming… and in this case, tomorrow may be too late.


Lucille St. John

Lucille St. John
Managing editor, Unconventional Wealth

P.S. In addition to spendable gold like the CombiBar, don’t forget you’ll want a good portion of your portfolio invested in other types of gold.

After all — CombiBars will help you get through a few weeks of chaos. But physical gold will help you comfortably retire, no matter what financial woes befall us.

And there’s no better way to own physical gold than through Hard Assets Alliance. See how they can help you be ready for anything here.

Lucille St. John

Lucille St. John is the managing editor of Unconventional Wealth. A gentlewoman and a scholar, Lucille never received much in the way of a financial education. But what she lacks in fiscal knowledge she makes up for in taste.

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