Every week, I like to pass along some of the most interesting and entertaining stories happening in the unconventional investing world.

The sorts of stories that go great with a quiet morning, some form of drink — preferably warm and fragrant — and a little time and space to let thoughts unfold.

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Another Reason to Drink…

All of these trade wars are getting me down. Good time to drown my sorrows, perhaps toast to a better future.

Or it used to be. Now the trade wars are taking even that!

As of yesterday, a new 25% tariff has been slapped on a number of European goods coming into the States. Everything from airplane parts… to Italian parmesan cheese… to Scotch whisky!

If you enjoy your Scotch at night — or you want to invest in this profitable sector — I suggest you get a move on…

Distributors have loaded up on the alcohol in preparation for the tariff. But once that backload is sold, prices will go through the roof. By right around 25% — overnight.

Of course, if you’ve got some Scotch in the closet already, its value will rise as well. Silver linings, eh?

That’s Quite a Lottery Ticket

Speaking of silver linings and trade deals, here’s a potential one for you…

It’s unlikely — but as the trade deal with China gets hammered out, there’s a (very) outside chance that a few pieces of paper could absolutely skyrocket in value.

I’m talking about Chinese railway bonds sold in 1911.

I know that sounds rather specific. Let me break it down…

  • First, these bonds predate the Chinese Communist government — which, after coming to power, declared them null and void
  • Next data point: In the ’80s, when the U.K. was negotiating with China over the Hong Kong handover, Margaret Thatcher got China to honor those old Chinese bonds owned by British citizens

Currently, you can buy these bonds as collector’s items — often for a few hundred dollars each.

However, if these bonds end up being honored… they’ll be worth literally millions.

Think about it: They will have been earning 5% a year for over 100 years. The exact figure will vary by the denomination — most are denominated in pounds, with 20-pound and 100-pound being the most common.

To be incredibly clear — this is highly unlikely to actually come to fruition. If you purchase one of these bonds, you’re basically buying a $300 lottery ticket.

But the odds are better than you’d get from the lottery. And the payoff could be $5 million a bond — or more.

Retirement Is Going Global

Worried if you’ve got enough stashed away for retirement?

Or — maybe worse — know you’ve got enough to survive but never really have fun? That you’ll spend your last days counting pennies?

Hold your horses!

Here’s a new list of the five best places to retire — outside the States — where you can live like royalty for less than $30,000 a year.

Incidentally, a few of these spots have offerings now and again from our friends at Real Estate Trend Alert.

Usually, RETA is looking at places as investments — to rent out to travelers… or to own and flip a bit later — as new areas get discovered.

But I know several RETA members who buy simply to own, live and enjoy these (almost universally) gorgeous tropical locales.

Retiring abroad definitely isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve got an adventurous spirit… a thirst for new experiences… and a desire to see your money go further than you need it, this is a thought worth exploring.

That’s One Valuable Hunk of Concrete

While we’re on the subject of real estate, there is a type of real estate with a steady, dependable income stream few people have ever considered.

Parking lots.

They’re dead simple to run — almost entirely automated now — and with services that will lease out the lot from you.

They’re usually profitable. Though, of course, it depends exactly where a parking lot is, how many people frequent the area, how high your taxes are…

And they’re making a lot of people nervous. Because disrupters like Uber, Lyft and self-driving cars are on the way. With unknown effects on the industry.

Now, I’m a bit of a fanciful futurist, so I think that we do have an automobile revolution heading our way. But even I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon.

Ten years from now, we’ll have even more cars than we do today, fighting over parking spots just like always. Twenty or 30 years out, maybe not. But that’s a bit too far off to worry about an investment like this.

In any event, you won’t get rich with parking lots. But you can add a nice little income stream on the side that requires nearly zero maintenance — and even less work.

If you can find an owner who’s nervous about automation… or see a promising plot of land available for cheap, three blocks from the booming section of town… now would be a pretty good time to strike.

Unconventionally yours,

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth

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Ryan Cole

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