There are two main categories of investment-grade coins — those from the U.S.… and those from everywhere else.

The reason for this? Americans love their coins.

Every nation seems to have something in their national character that speaks to one collectible above all the others. For Americans, it’s coins.

But that makes American coins expensive compared with the rest of the numismatic universe…

Are U.S. coins the best place to invest with the strongest demand?

Or do the attractive prices found in the rest of the world make European, Asian and ancient coins a better place to put your money?

Today, Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International and Geoff Anandappa of Rare Tangible Assets duke it out.

Watch their debate by clicking on the image below.


Unconventionally yours,

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole is the editor-in-chief of Unconventional Wealth. He’s been covering the alternative investment space for nearly a decade and writing about finance and investment for almost 20 years.

Ryan has walked the walk for years, living a very unconventional life. He’s led snowmobile tours through the mountains of Colorado, settled in Japan for five...

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