What are the things you’re afraid of?

I’ll never forget when I was 8 years old… My parents had just moved our family from the outskirts of Chicago to northern Virginia.

Standing in the hallway outside of my soon-to-be-new third-grade classroom, I was anxious. The hallway felt big and scary, the new teacher unfamiliar.

She invited me to introduce myself to the class… and I panicked. I couldn’t do it.

I was uncomfortable. Scared.

I could hear talking and laughing inside the classroom. But I stayed in the hallway, afraid to stand in front of 20 or so kids who would become my classmates the very next day.

For many reasons, this is a moment that marked me. I look back on that day and wish I’d had the courage to walk into that classroom.

If you’ve seen The Matrix, it was a proverbial red pill or blue pill situation.

One path was to take a chance, opening myself up to something new…

The other was to turn and run, scared of what may have been ahead.

How much of that same fear is holding you back?

One summer during college, I was taking several classes as I worked to graduate early. One was a public speaking course.

Everyone’s favorite… right?

I can’t even remember what I was supposed to present as a speech. But I know I wasn’t ready for it. Stomach filled with butterflies… swaying while I spoke… probably looking above the audience’s head the whole time.

Another failure to launch.

I got through it — and over it. Mostly because I was required to pass the course.

But life has a funny way of coming full circle. And growth comes from getting out from under your fears.

There I was — just last month — speaking, teaching and training a room full of 50 people.

Unconventional Wealth Presentation

If I had listened to my fears, I never would have ended up here…

We all have these stories. Maybe you’re afraid of heights… flying… being photographed…

Two weeks ago, I was in New York doing a photoshoot with Carl Allen, founder of Ninja Acquisitions and now a partner of ours here at Unconventional Wealth.

We’re gearing up for an incredible rebrand of Carl’s business — one that better reflects its true purpose and will open up a tremendous amount of opportunities for you.

Now, I’m not particularly fond of being photographed either.

But here I am — in an incredible high-rise penthouse in Manhattan, on the Upper East Side.

New York Penthouse Photoshoot

Ready for my closeup…

There were other people in the room, seven in total. All watching… examining… judging.

The lesson comes from getting through it. Doing it.

Listen… you’ve already decided you’re willing to ignore what the mainstream media tell you is right.

That’s why you’re a part of our faithful readership.

You’re willing to explore opportunities unknown to most, which is how you’ll get an edge on everyone else. Those trapped in the groupthink mentality. People who follow the masses.

As a country, we are failing to put people in a place of prosperity, which brings me to why you’re here.

Whether it is big government policies looking to take more hard-earned money out of your pocket…

Or greedy companies that want more of your sweat-filled hours for less pay…

You want more for yourself, your family and your legacy.

But are you willing to explore and leave your comfort zone?

Our goal here at Unconventional Wealth is to find the sorts of opportunities you won’t see in everyday outlets. And we don’t recommend anything we don’t believe in or wouldn’t invest in ourselves.

Take the idea of real estate.

I live and work in Baltimore. A city known for crime-riddled streets and vacancies.

A city where the population has dropped by more than half.

There was a time when I sought areas of opportunity here. I was actively hunting deals nearly a decade ago — a wonderful time to be a buyer. Exploring parts of the city where a savvy investor could create a portfolio that would kick off strong cash-on-cash yields and capital gains upside.

I figured it would be easy, right? Staying close to home.


Uncertainty reigned. Between dealing with the city government, the tenant-friendly laws and maintenance issues owning old homes built more than a half century ago, I wasn’t sure about making the leap.

There were just too many options… too many risks… too many concerns.

I was trapped by analysis paralysis.

Enter Ronan McMahon and Real Estate Trend Alert — and fast-forward to today.

I have fully left my comfort zone and opened my eyes to the incredible advantages of being a global investor. I am constantly looking for strategies that are easier to execute and will make me more money.

Ronan has perfected his process for finding killer opportunities all over the world.

His team does all the hard work — scouting new projects… analyzing the rental market… vetting the developers… running a fine-toothed comb over the numbers…

I don’t need to slog through 50-plus properties hoping to stumble over one that happens to be in the right location at the right price and hope I can close the deal.

Instead, Ronan serves up incredible deals around the globe.

But the only way for me to reap all the benefits of being a RETA member was to leave my comfort zone — so I made the leap.

No more analysis paralysis. No more staring at options without knowing the next steps to take… or which move to make.

I’ve taken the plunge four times over and invested in properties worth over a million dollars in just the last 18 months.

And those properties are going to make me a ton of cash in the coming years — both in rental income and capital gains:

    • For my condo in Coco Place, just outside Panama City, I expect a total of $220K in combined gains, according to Ronan’s figures
    • In less than 10 months, I was up over $97K in capital gains on my Mavila condo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Plus, this property could generate up to $40K a year in rental income once it’s delivered
    • I bought two condos in Tulum, on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Each one promises $94K in profits from capital appreciation alone — and the chance to collect as much as $32K per year in rental income on top.

All this became possible because I was willing to leave my comfort zone and do things that I may not have been comfortable with at first.

That’s why nowadays I relish the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone — so I can focus on new ways to grow.

And profit.

Best regards,

Adam Markley

Adam Markley
Publisher, Unconventional Wealth

P.S. To get access to opportunities outside your comfort zone — and all over the world — join Ronan McMahon’s Real Estate Trend Alert. You’ll be the first to hear about eye-popping property deals around the globe — deals with the potential to double your money in five–seven years. What are you afraid of? Become a RETA member today.

Adam Markley

Adam Markley is the publisher of Unconventional Wealth and the financial strategy director for Agora Financial. In his career, he’s been involved with or touched nearly 500 businesses across a wide range of industries. Which means he’s seen plenty of what works — and more of what doesn’t.

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