Just as the holiday season seems to get longer each year — does it start before Halloween now? — the shopping season does as well.

Last week, we went over some of the finest Black Friday deals around.

Today, we turn to the newest shopping tradition, Cyber Monday.

These deals, of course, are all about online shopping. And we’ve negotiated some special savings and opportunities with some of our partners — just for UCW readers.

(Editor’s Note: We do receive compensation when you buy — that’s how we keep the lights on. But we only choose partners we believe in and use ourselves — so you can rest assured our recommendations are real.)

So sit back and enjoy — here come the only Cyber Monday savings that can make you money in the long run.


Our first selection actually won’t make you any money — but it sure can save you a lot.

Thanks to the protection and privacy of browsing via VPN, you reduce your odds of having your identity stolen… losing credit card numbers online… being invasively tracked by unscrupulous businesses… and plenty of other threats we aren’t even aware of yet.

And to sweeten the pot, TunnelBear is offering 58% off their two-year unlimited plan. Get one for yourself or as a gift for someone. (Especially if that someone uses the same credit cards or bank accounts that you do.)

The Whisky Barrel

Being a Scottish company, The Whisky Barrel isn’t running anything exclusive to Cyber Monday. I’m not sure they’ve even heard of this shopping event.

But they certainly celebrate the holidays in Scotland. And The Whisky Barrel has a number of items available as gifts (or for yourself).

My favorite part of giving whisky as a gift? If you’ve got one of those impossible-to-buy-for folks in your life — someone who already has everything they need — whisky still works. And Whisky Barrel whiskies work as investment gifts… or as consumables.

What’s more, once you’ve found someone who likes their whisky, you can make it an annual tradition. Get someone a phone and they’ll probably still have it next year. Drink a whisky bottle, though — or store it as an investment — and you can enjoy the exact same thing next year.

I’ve Got My Eye on You

As you get serious about stamp and/or coin collecting, there’s one item you’ll absolutely need. Both to further your own enjoyment… and to verify quality and flaws yourself.

That item is a high-quality microscope. One that can see minuscule cracks in coins or teeny, tiny printing or centering flaws in stamps.

There are a lot of cheap options out there. But they’re cheap for a reason — they don’t work well and they’re liable to break after just a few uses.

This microscope, on the other hand, will last a lifetime. An essential instrument for a collector and a great gift for any collectors you know.

And at the link above, you’re enjoying all the Cyber Monday savings you can get at Amazon — the biggest player on this day.

Exposing the Invisible

If you collect stamps, you know that there are hidden signs of provenance in most.

In earlier stamps, watermarks dominated. In modern stamps, there is usually some phosphorescent or fluorescent paper that lights up under UV light.

That’s why serious collectors need a way to detect both types of marks.

Watermarks are easy enough, if you have color-safe watermark-detection fluid. And it’s fairly cheap — you don’t need to worry about any cyber discounts to purchase it.

UV lights, on the other hand, cost a pretty penny. The time to buy one is when deals abound.

Like today.

This is my favorite UV lamp for stamps.

It’s small and lightweight — you can fit it in your pocket when heading to a stamp show.

And it’s got longwave and shortwave settings — so you can see both fluorescent and phosphorescent marks.

Plus, UV lamps like this are great at exposing damage, repairs and any other irregularities you’d want to be aware of before making a purchase.

If this lamp stops you from making one uninformed purchase of what should be a high-quality, investment-grade stamp, it will more than pay for itself.

And just like the microscope, it’s got Amazon’s cyber dust sprinkled on it today.

This is but a sampling — there are plenty of other options out there. Feel free to explore, for yourself or for gifts.

One last recommendation — don’t make the all-too-common mistake of getting gifts that wind up collecting dust in closets or barely improve on something already owned.

Gifts related to collections and collecting — of rare, tangible assets — are essentials that can actually make you (or your friend or family member) money.

That’s a rare gift indeed.

And one worthy of a little shopping on this consumer-centric day.

Unconventionally yours,

Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
Editor-in-chief, Unconventional Wealth

P.S. Remember — if you aren’t secure online, you aren’t secure anywhere. Just as you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked all day, you shouldn’t leave your online activity open to everyone.

That’s why you should protect your online self with a VPN like TunnelBear. Do it now — before you do any more shopping online. Since this is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, it also attracts a huge number of thieves, charlatans and other ne’er-do-wells.

Hide yourself from their attacks with TunnelBear — and take advantage of TunnelBear’s Cyber Monday deal today!

Ryan Cole

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