Greetings from Cabo!

As I mentioned about a week ago — when I told you a little bit about the property I invested in here — I am currently in Los Cabos with global real estate scout Ronan McMahon.

The trip has been incredible thus far…

And it’s nice to catch a break from the bitter cold back in Baltimore. A few days ago, my colleagues were complaining about what felt like single-digit temps.

(The temperature here in Cabo right now is a balmy 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Tomorrow, it will be 78 F. Yesterday, it was 80 F.)

Which brings me to one of the biggest perks of joining Ronan’s Real Estate Trend Alert Members-Only Scouting Trips, or MOSTs.

What is a MOST? Why should you go on one? And how much do they cost?

In this video, Ronan answers all these questions — and more. Click on the image below to watch:

Invest in Yourself With a Free Stay in Paradise

Best regards,

Adam Markley

Adam Markley
Publisher, Unconventional Wealth

Adam Markley

Adam Markley is the publisher of Unconventional Wealth and the financial strategy director for Agora Financial. In his career, he’s been involved with or touched nearly 500 businesses across a wide range of industries. Which means he’s seen plenty of what works — and more of what doesn’t.

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