In the early 1970s, Nixon was in power… an oil crisis was looming… and the Vietnam War was still playing out…

But one remote corner of the world was far removed from world affairs, politics and war.

At that time, the little town of Tulum on the Riviera Maya coast was just a blip on the map.

It was shrouded in jungle. Home to some of the world’s finest beaches. And off the regular tourist trail.

Hippies and backpackers made their way to this primitive Eden… hacking their way through the jungle to reach the softest powder sands and the warm Caribbean.

They paid $0.50 to sleep in a hut roofed with palm leaves… went fishing for their supper… stoked bonfires on the beach under the star-studded skies…

Tulum in the 1970s represented freedom — escape — a place where you could get back to nature and discover yourself.

Today’s Tulum attracts more than backpackers and hippies. Families, young couples and retirees visit… along with movie stars, fashion models and the rich and powerful.

They’re seeking something similar to the 1970s hippies: an escape where they can unwind, forget about the daily grind and recharge their batteries.

Tulum lets them do exactly that.

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Condé Nast Traveler says it best: “Of all the beach spots that have turned our heads in the last 20 years, Tulum is still our favorite.”

This boutique destination looks nothing like it did in the 1970s. Tulum is now easy to get to — less than two hours on a smooth, paved highway from Cancún International Airport. A slew of amenities has made it seriously tourist-friendly. There are upscale little hotels (some off-grid), gourmet eateries and stores selling designer kaftans, expensive hand-made candles and organic skincare.

You’ll watch hipsters lining up to eat at foodie hot spots like Hartwood and Posada Margherita. You’ll see plenty of folk cycling around town or down to the beach. You may even spot a celebrity (or two) sunbathing or swimming or taking a selfie for their next Instagram post.

Some things have stayed the same, however… The beach is still the biggest draw, a long sweep of baby-soft sand fringed by the aquamarine Caribbean Sea. Tulum is still low-rise and low-density — and the beachside is still off-grid.

All the new travelers to Tulum need a place to stay — and they’re not looking for a hut on the beach with no electricity or running water.

I’ve negotiated a deal on luxury condos in Tulum that will appeal to a broad pool of tourists. I figure you can make $32,000 a year in gross rental income from one of these condos (and still get a lot of personal use, too) with a little time and effort to build up repeat guests and word-of-mouth referrals.

I’m basing that $32K figure on what happy owners are already making from their two-bed condos in Tulum. One owner comes to Tulum every spring to take yoga courses, but when he’s not using his condo, he collects $31,356 in rental income per year.

Another owner grosses $33,173 a year from her two-bed condo.

But these condos are not as well-located as the ones we can buy, which are in the closest planned community to the beach.

You can walk to the stunning sand in 25 minutes, and to town in about 20. I can’t emphasize enough how big a deal this is. Remember, Tulum’s beachside is off-grid. It’s a huge plus to be so close but still have everything on tap… from hot showers to Wi-Fi to air conditioning. It’s another huge plus to be inside a planned community, away from the busy streets of downtown Tulum.

Your gains on this condo won’t just come from the rental income. I figure you’re looking at total capital gains of $85,200. The rental income is the cream on top.

I’ve already put my money where my mouth is and invested in this deal myself. It’s my second Tulum purchase. I bought my first Tulum condo in October 2017 in a community called Tao Tulum. My connected insiders jumped on this deal, too. And I’ve just accepted an offer on my condo for $225,000. The price for my connected insiders was $154,500. That’s a gain of $70,500.

These stellar gains are why I’ve doubled down and purchased again in Tulum. I think this new deal could shape up to deliver even stronger and faster gains than Tao Tulum.

Wishing you good real estate investing,

Ronan McMahon

Ronan McMahon

P.S. If a profit-making home in one of the world’s most stylish beach destinations sounds good… how does an expected gain of $85,200 sound?

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