The success of a new movie relies on a number of factors. There's the quality of the script. The stars who take part. The special effects, the setting, the budget.

Pulling it all together is the job of the producer. Without producers, there would be no movies. And a good producer can make the difference between a so-so movie and a blockbuster.

A real estate developer has a similar role to a movie producer. And they are just as critical to a project's success.

That's why I'm really picky when it comes to real estate developers. Like movie producers, they fall into three camps: the good, the bad and the ugly.

When you find a good developer, you've hit the mother lode.

In Tulum, on Mexico's Riviera Maya, right now you have a narrow window to get in on a deal that only some savvy insiders know about — I’ve already locked down a premium condo in this stunning community.

But understandably, you want to know who we're dealing with…

The developer behind the Tulum deal is a young (in developer years) guy called Eloy Caceres. He's partnered up on this deal with some heavy hitters in the real estate world.

Eloy's the third generation of developers in his family, beginning with his grandfather. The family started building hotels in Cancún in 1986. Then they saw a gap in the market in Playa del Carmen in 1998 and started developing there.

When Eloy graduated in 2003, he founded a company along with some partners to create new and innovative residential communities.

Their focus is on location, design, quality — a great product. This is fantastic for those who live in their communities. And it's fantastic for investors like us… because the homes they build deliver strong gains.

I've already seen this firsthand.

In November 2016, I recommended luxury suites in Eloy's Singular project with a members-only price from $143,800. The last available condos sold for $209,500. Today, these little suites operate as a luxury hotel and rent for up to $220 a night.

And in April 2017, I recommended condos in Eloy's Siempre project from $193,800. One remaining condo in the building my members bought in listed last October for $282,900. Our members-only price on that condo type was $203,991. We are fast approaching the six-figure gains I predicted…

So when I heard that Eloy was planning a new community in Tulum, I knew it would be something special.

When I saw the plans, I was hooked. This project follows my favored two-step model. It will deliver strong capital gains and generate attractive rental income.

The expected capital gains on these luxury two-bed condos run to $85,200.

And as I mentioned, the gains don't stop there.

Eloy is building inside what will be the closest master-planned community to Tulum Beach. The location is amazing. It's a 25-minute walk to the beach and 20 minutes to town.

If you're familiar with Tulum, you'll know that Tulum Beach is off-grid (not connected to main electricity) with tight permitting regulations. To bag a home so close to the beach — but with modern comforts like air conditioning, Wi-Fi and hot showers — is huge.

And this community will feature the kind of amenities that renters and guests will love. Like an organic market, outdoor cinema, a wellness center with yoga classes, running trails, a culinary pavilion and onsite produce gardens.

These types of things are exactly what the Tulum set will love. These tourists are not looking for a cheap alcohol-fueled vacation. They want yoga and healing massages and organic food. They want to watch the sun rise over the Caribbean Sea and set over the lush jungle. They'll happily pay to stay in a luxury condo in Eloy's community.

Based on what similar (not so nice and not so well located) two-bed condos are renting for in Tulum right now, I reckon with a bit of time and effort you could see $32,000 a year in gross rental income. That's based on an occupancy rate of 50% or so. Which still leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy your condo — and Tulum — yourself.

And there's a lot to enjoy…

The condo buildings are to be low-rise, just three levels, and the buildings are to be tiered in style. This will keep buildings tucked discreetly amidst the verdant surroundings.

The idea is to create the feel of an ancient Mayan city, with lots of lush space and natural pathways. Large outdoor terraces and gardens in some premium condos will add to the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

Pathways through the commercial areas of the community will be natural sandy trails. Buildings will be set back in lush tropical surroundings. Throughout the development pathways and streets are to feature little concrete. Instead the focus is set to be cobble and other natural materials.

The road from Tulum town to our opportunity is about three miles long and plans call for a central strip all along it with foliage-shaded walkways and cycle paths. Plans also call for new traffic circles, which will be used as art-stops and homes to temporary installations. There are even plans for an outdoor Museum of Tulum.

It's a truly stunning master-planned community… and you can learn a lot more about it right here.

Wishing you good real estate investing,

Ronan McMahon

Ronan McMahon

P.S. It's your last chance today to lock in a potential $85,200 in gains with your own amazing condo in jet-set Tulum… This is a deal at insider pricing — and today is your last chance to join them. Get the details here.

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