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Addison WigginHi there,

For all of written history one asset has provided a bulwark against contagion and financial engineering in the markets. Ever since trading began, one asset has remained a store of value.

Using this one asset could be the only way to save your portfolio.

What’s the asset?

Gold… but not just any gold.

And you definitely have to be careful where you buy it.

But why should you buy gold in the first place?

We’ll get to that in a moment.

First I want us to cover how the U.S. ditched free markets long ago, and what that has to do with your money.

A little more than 15 years ago we started, Agora Financial.

In that time I’ve written best-selling books… like Financial Reckoning Day…

But it was the award-winning documentary, I.O.U.S.A. launched just a few weeks before Lehman Brothers went out of business in 2008, that rocked the financial industry.

In this documentary we warned of four deficits; a leadership deficit, a savings deficit, a trade deficit, and federal deficit.

Right after the movie debuted, the financial world collapsed just as the movie warned it would.

Millions of people lost their jobs, companies went out of business, and the financial markets nearly got chopped in half.

Now however, 11 years after the movie, the budget deficit has never been bigger…

We’re running up a trillion dollar tab every year to pump into this economy…

And that was before we ran into the “Covid 19” crisis.

With this pandemic, we are in totally unchartered waters.

Here’s how macroeconomist Graham Summers describes our predicament,

So we’re kind of in a perfect storm. You’ve got a credit crisis that’s probably going to be as bad as ’08, if not worse. You’ve got an economic crisis based on a pandemic, which is most likely going to cause a very sharp severe recession. The question is how long it’s going to take, which I don’t think anyone really knows, because no one knows really how this corona thing is going to play out. And then you’ve also got dramatic collapse in supply chains globally because trade is shutting down.”

So what’s the government’s reaction to this corona thing?

Byron W King, Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder explains…

Politicians will do what they know how to do…  Logroll the deals and spend mountains of money.

Any big, new government spending effort will come out of where, exactly? From money in the bank or gold in Fort Knox? Nope… This new spending will arise out of nothing more than magical, mystical money creation. The Fed will conjure up “dollars” by entering keystrokes onto a ledger and presto… The US Treasury will electronically transfer funds or send checks.

It’s going to be a mess… A total monetary mess.  Waves of new cash will slosh into the economy, out of all proportion to the organic growth behind the collection of goods and services that make up GDP.  Right away, we see the recipe for inflation here.

And what can you do to preserve your wealth during periods of inflation?

You ought to own hard assets in general; and if you’ve been around Agora Financial for a while, you likely know what we really mean… Gold and silver!

But where do you go? You’ve likely heard that physical metal is scarce and getting scarcer. Do you even know where to find a coin dealer? Let alone, to find a reputable metals vendor who has large amounts of gold and silver available, and ready to meet your needs?

It’s why we at Whiskey & Gunpowder recommend the Hard Assets Alliance (HAA).

You see because HAA is a members only trading service for precious metals, connecting many dealers with our clients… They have gold and silver to buy when others have sold out.

Hands down the best way to buy, sell and trade this one asset today is with an account from…

The Hard Assets Alliance

It’s easy to set up. Easy to use.

And best: opening an account is Free of charge.

We say this with as much urgency as we can muster.

Open an account and put a portion of your assets in gold.

Yes, gold — the one asset used to store value for thousands of years.

The global markets are filled with uncertainty, you need an asset that has passed the test of time since before the bible was even written.

The Hard Assets Alliance has a state-of-the-art trading platform where you can buy and sell fully allocated gold bullion. You can buy, sell and trade silver and other precious metals too.

The trading platform is easy to use, just read below how Frank, one of HAA’s clients describes it:

I have used HAA only twice, but both times it was easy to transfer money and purchase gold and silver for delivery. The prices were quickly established and compared reasonably well with other sites. I started with HAA based upon the recommendation of my financial newsletter.

The website was easy to navigate and check on the progress of my purchase.

– Fred K

We talk a lot about gold being a backstop, and foundation asset to hold in your portfolio… and for good reason.

And it’s not just our financial guru’s and HAA clients who see the writing on the wall…

so does our salt of the earth Freedom Editor, “With U.S. markets clearly detaching from economic fundamentals (and reality) in this age of bailouts, artificial stimulus and other financial chicanery out of Washington, trading metals makes more sense now than ever before. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

– Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

Gold and silver can preserve and grow your capital in bad times as well as in good.

Since the turn of the century gold has beat the pants off stocks and bonds.

According to our income expert Zach Scheidt, some traditionally safe havens have lost their appeal,“We talked about gold and funding that [Hard Assets Alliance] account. Gosh, what a great opportunity to be able to take some profits from a long-term treasury bond. That was your safety net, that worked out just the way it was supposed to and it made you a bunch of money, To now move it into another safety net that’s got a little bit more potential to move higher, and a little bit less risk than what we’re seeing in long-term treasury bonds right now.

While investing in gold the right way is less risky, you have to think carefully before buying because most of the strategies that are called “investing in gold” are speculative.

And that is exactly the exposure to the markets we are trying to protect against.

That’s why you can’t just buy any type of gold.

Not your wife’s jewelry.

Or Gold ETFs… backed by a banker’s signature.

Or some dirty shipwrecked coin covered in barnacles where salesmen tell tall tales to snooker little old ladies out of every dime in their purse.

No… We are talking about investment grade gold bullion…

From London Bullion Market Approved dealers only.

And with today’s technology and the right system….

You can buy gold and silver in minutes with a couple clicks of the mouse from the comfort of your own home.

And maybe more important…

You can cash in your gains in the same manner.

“I joined HAA from a recommendation from Jim Rickards on Agora. I previously bought gold and silver on some platforms I saw on TV. They were ok and reliable but I never had a plan of how best to hold my assets. That was the main part that eventually led me to HAA. I love the ability to store and trade on HAA and I feel they are safe. The liquid nature of your platform is vital to me as I am more and more concerned about having my cash sit in banks.

And I also love the interactive platform you have to trade on the website. The options with precious metals other than gold is a very nice feature also.

Keep up the great work!”

– Gene K

Gene mentions how important the “liquidity” of the service is to him, and how he prefers it over having his cash in the bank.

And that’s one of the core features of HAA… you can liquidate your holdings from your computer… wherever you are…

The network of buyers for your gold and silver bullion will be there ready to purchase your metals.

Here’s how Dave describes his experience,

The premiums are reasonable. And for sheer ease of use, you can’t beat the Hard Assets Alliance website. If you’ve ever been frustrated buying precious metals online, you’ll find the Hard Assets Alliance refreshingly different.

– Dave Gonigam
Managing Editor of the 5 Min. Forecast

You see that’s part of the genius of the Hard Assets Alliance… It’s an interconnected market place where only approved precious metals dealers compete for your business.

And whether you are someone like Gene who has tried many other services, or if you are a leader in your industry like Dave who has referred HAA to thousands of his subscribers, HAA delivers the same service and low fees to you.

It’s the easiest way we’ve ever found to buy, store, sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can choose between coins or bars…

Between gold Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs.

Everything is London Bullion Market Approved institutional grade precious metal.

This means that you’ll never be duped into buying high commission collectible coins.

No greedy commissioned salesman with their high margins and outrageous “spread”.

And this is super important…

Because if you pay too much for high priced sales commissions it will take forever and a day to make gains on your gold investment.

That’s why Hard Assets Alliance exists…

They’ve developed a trading platform where you can buy and sell fully allocated gold bullion.

Which means you can get real physical gold and silver…

With serial numbers and everything.

You’re able to get the highest quality gold with low fees…

And better yet, at the point of purchase, the Hard Assets Alliance allows you to either take delivery, OR… get this…

You can store your metals in one of six different vaults around the world.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Fort Knox

New York… Salt Lake City…

Not only that, you can store your gold outside the United States.

You can store your gold and silver in their ultra-secure off-shore vaults in London, Singapore, or Australia.

Don’t worry, opening an account is secure, and takes just 5 minutes to go from opening an account, to funding, to buying your gold and silver.

You CAN NOT wait for the time to pass.

By the time you read this, most of the gold and silver may be gone to purchase at the price you like.

Beat the rush.

Beat the mainstream.

Because If Not Now, When?”, urges Marty Robinson

Contributing Editor for Whiskey & Gunpowder

History has taught us many lessons about the true value of holding

gold, silver and precious metals in times like these.

In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a more explosive environment for metals prices, or a time when safe, secure and diversified storage options for protecting your wealth have been more important.

With government debt and deficit levels soaring…

And now trillions of dollars more being created out of thin air to fight the Covid-19 pandemic—all creating an unknown future of what the global economic, political and social environment may bring…

The time to join Hard Assets Alliance (HAA) has arrived.

Open an account with Hard Assets Alliance today…

When you do, you’ll be taken to a secure page, where you’ll be able to enter some personal information and fund your accounts.

When you click the button below…

You’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this…

Once you’ve completed the short account opening process, you’ll be able to shop for the type of gold bars and coins you want to buy right away.

You’ll see transparent pricing. (Note: the price changes daily with the markett.)

It looks just like this…

On these pages, you’ll see the individual bullion products along with their pricing…

It’s a one click, totally transparent pricing to get you into Gold Eagles…

Silver Maple Leafs…

And more.

So don’t wait any longer…

Click the button below and take the first step to safeguarding your money today.

>>>Open an Account Now<<<


Addison Wiggin

Addison Wiggin

P.S. Important “Skin in the Game” disclaimer: I could go on and on about why I use and recommend Hard Assets Alliance to purchase my precious metals, and how most of the companies selling gold and silver out there are actually working against your best interest. In the  book, Skin in the Game,the basic premise is… don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have skin in the game.

We agree … and we take that same kind of philosophy to our business… and more importantly when it comes to the Hard Assets Alliance, we put skin in the game.

You see we believe in Hard Assets Alliance so much that we purchased a percentage of the business.

So, while we’re providing you with an easy way to invest in gold and silver today, you should assume we will receive some sort of compensation if you choose to do business with them.

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